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Dubai gold buyer procedures

Gold / Silver / Minerals (Buyers) Published date: November 18, 2021
Modified date: November 18, 2021

A gold buyer in Dubai works with this buying procedure:

A. FCO to be presented with the offer
B. SPA signed by parties
C. Seller provides SKR and actual POP with a video
D. Buyer pays insurance
E. After insurance company made quality test of product and verified quantity insurance policy is issued and given to seller against collateral in Au, kept either in a bank or with the insurance company
F. Seller prepares all export documents and sends a copy for buyers approval
G. AWB is provided once the product is handed to the airline. We prefer Emirates Cargo.
H. Seller or his representative flies to Dubai to follow procedures of cleaning customs and transport to the refinery where product is tested and paid.
I. Once payment is confirmed by the seller's bank ownership is transferred.
J. Restart new cycle

Insurance is done door to door from the security house at origin till the refinery in Dubai.

If you can accommodate these procedures, we can buy all you can provide.

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