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Petrochemicals (Buyers)

C4 Raffinate 10,000 MT - Buyer

We are one of the leading Petroleum By Products and Chemicals Importer and Exporter. In respect of our yearly contract requirements, we are in need of C4 Raffinate. PRODUCT : C4 RAFFINATE 11 SPECIFICATIONS : Total Olefin Contents should not be less than 80% 1. Butene & Iso - Butene & Tr...

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Ethylene Tar Oil

BUYING: Ethylene Tar Oil WE ARE LOOKING FOR Ethylene Tar Oil PRODUCERS/SELLERS PLEASE CONTACT WITH QUOTATION AND TEST REPORT. Price: CIF/FOB $XX USD per Metric Ton Quantity: 10,000 MT/month Payment: CIF in Buyers Tank on SGS Report by Swift MT 103 or other Duration: 12 Months Destination Po...

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