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Crude Oil (Buyers) Published date: February 5, 2021


We at llc-novgorodnefteprodukt on behalf of our end Seller/Refinery, with full legal responsibility under penalty of perjury hereby inform you of our various crude oil products & derivatives, such as.




LLC NOVGORODNEFTEPRODUKT refinery supplies are capable to serve your request product with DIP AND PAY PROCEDURE (FOB SPOT), We wait your swift response to open a way for a transaction for sellers and buyers to execute the deal... Please, contact us for more details on your specific requirements so as to enable us to provide you with OUR OFFICIAL SOFT CORPORATE OFFER & PROCEDURE. REGARDS

Mr serebrennikov andrei viktorovic
Email:​ llc-novgorodefteprodukt@mail.ru
Skype: llc-novgorodefteprodukt@mail.ru
Whatsapp +79531205813


1. Buyer provides ICPO, Company Registration, Passport Copy to seller along with tank storage agreement (TSA).

2. Seller releases Commercial Invoice (CI), to be filled and completed by the Buyer.

3. Buyer signs and returns Commercial Invoice (CI) to seller and provides TSR (one day) to the Russian Ministry of Energy Accreditation Department along with a scanned copy / NCNDA / IMFPA signed by all buyers group with commission structures which was notarized by the Notary Public in Russia as well as Endorsed by the MINENERGO.

4. Seller releases Full POP documentation authorized from the Federal Ministry of Energy including fresh SGS report less than 48 hours, ATSC Authorization to sell and collect ATV authorization to verify, Tank Fact Sheet and an Unconditional DTA for buyer’s optional Dip test if needed.

5. Buyer verifies the full Proof of Product (POP) documentation.

6. Buyer pays after completion of injection for the total value of product injected into the tanks through the means of SWIFT MT103 / TT / SBLC / DLC, the title ownership will be immediately transferred to the buyer.

7. Seller pays commission to all the intermediaries involved in the transaction immediately after confirmation of the Buyers payment in accordance of the signed and sealed NCNDA / IMFPA which was notarized by the Notary Public in Russia as well as Endorsed by the sellers Bank.

  • Company Name: llc novgorodnefteprodukt
  • Country: russia

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