Finance / Banking (Buyers) Published date: May 21, 2018

To start the year out and do good business again this year, we would like to present you with early opportunities of the following:

We can offer a PPP Program and we work with person direct to platform. PPP with cash, BG, SBLC, CD, SKR ETC.
Have US provider to convert VEF currency TO USD
We offer Funding for projects that are ON & In-Ground assets & Joint Venture options
We offer Lessor of No upfront fee SBLC, BG -
We offer Buyer / Seller of FC, Seasoned MTN, BG, SBLC & ETC
Direct to Seller of Super Petchili
Direct to Seller of NIQD
Direct to Seller of High Grade Copper Powder and other rare earth metals.
Direct to Seller of Se 74 Isotopes (Selenium) and Os 187 Isotopes (Osmium)
Direct to Buyer of Copper Cathodes and Gold –(that is not in Africa) May work with Copper Cathodes that are in Dar es Salaam under the right procedures.
We work with an owner of 3 Gold Mines seeking an Investor Venture Options.
We have a Rare 1919 TOV Mother Box – Complete and has gone through Compliance.

If you have a buyer or seller or Investor for any of the above offered and you are direct to a principal party, we would like to hear from you. We do not work with a broker / daisy chain. You need to be more direct. Thank You

  • Company Name: MINT
  • Country: EUROPE/ USA

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