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Providing Direct Loan guaranteed by BG/SBLC

Finance / Banking (Buyers) Published date: September 27, 2020

Procedures for loan & BG/SBLC
1. Signing of an agency agreement (Loan Lender).
2. Signing a loan agreement (Lender and Borrower).
3. Issuing BG as a security for the Loan.
Important notes for BG/SBLC
No need for BPU or POF after Signing and registering the agreement between beneficiary and the provider all producers will be from bank to bank.
BG/SBLC Price 22% + 1% Intermediates.
BG/SBLC Period 10 Years.
Minimum BG Issuing amount € 20,000,000 minimum.
More BG procedures and payment details in BG/SBLC DOA).
4. Receipt of money to the borrower’s bank account.
5. After signing and registering the all agreements in both banks.
borrower paying for the agency services 12K euros for providing the lender and BG provider.
6. 0.75% from the BG Value will be paid to the agency after receiving the loan.


Loan requested from the borrower to Lender with amount of 19,000,000 Euros.

Borrower issue BG as a guarantee for the loan of 19M with 20,000,000 Euros.
(which will be provided by the agency with Deutsche Bank headquartered in Frankfurt).

Borrower bank account will be as follow after all payment and expenses

19,000,000 (Loan) – 4,400,000 (22% BG price for 10 Years) – 142,500.00 (0.75% Agency due fee) – 190K (1% both side intermediates) = 14,267,500 Euros net cash amount in borrower bank account.

For any more clarification kindly don’t hesitate to contact me

Business Executive Officer & Official BG Mandate

Haitham Soliman
Tel: +965 60448437

NOTE: Communication through direct Buyer/Borrower only or their official mandates.

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