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Icumsa 45 Sugar

Food / Agriculture (Sellers) Published date: June 26, 2020

Available to sell Icumsa 45 sugar at a good factory price, of Brazilian origin.
For those who are interested, please contact me on whtsapp +216 99 193 721
1- The buyer issues a valid letter of intention (LOI) or an irrevocable order form (ICPO) on letterhead, signed and sealed by the main buyer and a BCL (The letter of intention / ICPO must be delivered to: “main seller” Proof of financing can take one of the following forms:
2- After successful verification of the financial capacity of the buyer, in order to conclude the transaction, the seller issues a complete business offer (FCO) or a draft contract to the buyer.
3- The buyer signs and returns the draft contract to the seller within three days.
4- The seller sends the draft final contract to the buyer after the proposed modifications. The buyer duly signs and seals FCO and returns to the seller, who signs and returns five copies to the buyer.
5- The buyer sends the duly completed "letter of credit" request form from the L / C issuing bank for approval by the seller.
6- After examination, the seller returns the L / C request form to the buyer, with the proposed modifications (if applicable)
7- Within five international bank days of receipt of the signed and sealed L / C request form from the seller, the buyer will deliver the non-operational L / C to the seller's bank.
8- Within seven international bank days of receipt of the buyer's letter of credit (L / C) from the buyer's bank, the seller will send the 2% performance bank guarantee (PBG) via SWIFT at the buyers' bank. The bank performance guarantee (PBG) will then be automatically activate the non-operational letter of credit, making the letter of credit operational. The seller will send a proof of product (POP) to the buyer's bank.
9- Delivery and shipment begin on the mutually agreed schedule. Delivery will begin between 30 and 45 days after the seller's bank has accepted the bank financial instrument issued by the buyer's bank. The buyer can carry out a physical inspection with SGS when loading the product.
10- Payment will be given to the seller when negotiating shipping documents at the seller's bank.

We are at your disposal for any further information.

  • Company Name: Cypress For Import & Export
  • Country: Ukraine / + Tunisia

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