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Gold / Silver / Minerals (Buyers) Published date: March 17, 2021

Good day to all,

We can offer GOLD BARS to your buyer in Dubai. Please note that we are bearing all costs associated with transporting the gold to your buyer’s nominated refinery. From Africa to Dubai using reputable security agencies.


1. The Buyer issues LOI & ICPO and verifiable BCL / POF to seller and the Seller issues SPA to buyer properly. With full banking coordinates.

2. The Seller and buyer will sign and stamp on draft SPA for final confirmation

3. The Seller will make SPA as PDF file and send to buyer for final confirmation.

4. Based on the confirmation of signed SPA, At Seller cost, Seller will bring the gold by air cargo to DUBAI International airport and it must be stored into Seller Nominated Gold Refinery or Brinks bonded warehouse automatically.

5. The assay process will be done in Seller and Buyer Name, Seller and Buyer or their representatives must accompany the witness and final assay at the SAM refinery or any Govt. approved Refinery.

6. Once the Assay process is finished, the gold will be stored at SAM refinery warehouse or brinks warehouse and SKR and Assay report is issued to Seller.

7. Based on SAM refinery Assay report, Seller will submit the commercial invoice, copy of assay report and SKR ( issued by refinery / brinks ) issued to the Buyer to make the payment for the value of the Gold to the seller

8. Final payment will be executed to the Seller's nominated bank account by wire transfer SWIFT MT103 within 24 hours against the final assay report and SKR, the seller transfers the ownership of the gold to the Buyer.

9. After receiving the payment in full, the Seller/representative will hand over the gold bars to the buyer along with the shipping documents.

The Cargo will come Once the SpA is singed and any valid POF via bank is shown ,
If buyers shares their permit they will save the VAT otherwise Vat will be applicable at destination.
We are waiting as the Cargo is Ready at SA with Brinks .
Once Buyers full fill the Procedures seller will pay all Customs duty and Transport via Emirates.
MAX 2 weeks from date of Pof and SPA .
We prefer a contract buyer for 100 kg / month .

  • Country: USA

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