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Gold / Silver / Minerals (Sellers) Published date: February 24, 2022
Modified date: April 30, 2022


Whereas, the seller with full corporate authority and responsibility certifies, warrants and makes an irrevocable firm commitment that it can fulfil the requirements of this agreement to sell and provide the commodity herein mentioned in a timely manner the terms specified and agreed hereafter.

Commodity Gold Dore Bars
Origin Ghana
Present Location Accra
Quantity 235 Kg
Price $52,000 per kg
Quality 22+ Carats
Purity 92.6%
Packaging Internationally Accepted Metal box
Delivery By Air

The product subject matter of this agreement shall be Gold Dore Bars: 22+ Carats, 92.6% purity.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The buyer or his representative must be in Ghana at seller’s office to begin the transaction. All transaction procedures are subject to full negotiation and agreement acceptance by both parties.

SHIPMENT: The shipment of the goods will be carried out by an independent shipper to buyer’s chosen destination.

TERMS OF PAYMENT:. After inspection and assay at refinery, Buyer pays SHIPPING COST:6 % LME/Kg of the total cost of goods for documentation and taxes into shipper’s/refinery’s account via SWIFT Wire/TT (MT 103) before goods leave Ghana with Seller’s representative to Buyer’s choice of destination for final assay. Buyer then pays for the outstanding total cost of the goods into Seller’s company account via SWIFT Wire/TT (MT 103) after the shipping cost has been deducted.

An Irrevocable Letter of Intent shall be required from the buyer within fourteen (14) days after a notification of acceptance of our FCO before Sales and Purchase contract shall be signed between seller and buyer.

A contract agreement stipulating terms and conditions of this transaction will be signed between seller and buyer.
This offer is restricted to only the terms and conditions set above and valid for seven (7) days.

Addo Frimpong
+233 231167281 (Whatsapp)

  • Company Name: Addo Frimpong
  • Country: Ghana

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