Jet Fuel, (JP54, Jet-A1), Virgin oil D6, D2 Gas Oil, EN590. GOAT | Petroleum Products (Sellers) | 

Jet Fuel, (JP54, Jet-A1), Virgin oil D6, D2 Gas Oil, EN590. GOAT

Petroleum Products (Sellers) Published date: November 23, 2020


A. Buyer issues ICPO along with company profile, company registration documents and the product specification.
B. Seller issues draft SPA for buyer's review and after endorsement returns to seller after which both parties lodge SPA with their respective Banks.
C. Buyer pays for legalisation with the Russian Ministry of Energy.
D. Within 3-5 working days seller's Bank sends to buyer's Bank following original legal documents via the authorisation of the Ministry of Energy.
E. Fresh SGS report or equivalent, not older than 72 hours .
F. Certificate of Origin.
G. Company registration certificate
H. Charter Party Agreement
I. Seller's Bank also sends a loading and delivery schedule.
J. After a maximum of 7 working days (of DLC confirmation) seller loads the first lift/trial shipment at port of loading.
K. After loading, seller's Bank sends to buyer's Bank Commercial Invoice and full set of Bill of Lading.
L. At port of discharge, buyer organises Q & Q by SGS and after positive report, Buyer's Bank releases full CI amount to Seller's Bank account following DLC and simultaneously Title of Ownership is transferred.
M. After successful completion of first lift/ trial shipment further supply continues following SPA, whereby timing of deliveries is planned and agreed upon before hand between seller and buyer in a separate loading and delivery schedule.
N. Seller pays commissions to seller side intermediaries and Buyer pays to Buyer side intermediaries as agreed in the IMFPA.

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