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Petroleum Products (Sellers) Published date: December 12, 2020
Modified date: December 13, 2020

We are a broker of oil, gold, and Steel Drums for the Oil industry with extensive links in all sectors of the economy.

Our reach extends to destinations all over the world and our service delivery is swift and efficient. Our rates and prices are also very competitive.

Our efforts are to sustain a good relationship between our organization and individuals.


BUYER issues ICPO after approval of the SCO and submits the Company profile.
SELLER issue CI. BUYER signs CI and returns to the Seller with the IMPFA and Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) of the BUYER as proof of storage availability (A comprehensive letter will be sent by the seller to confirm buyer's Tank Farm to prove the storage availability) Upon approval of the BUYER TSA by the SELLER, SELLER issues to the BUYER below documents: The Injection Report of the Product in Houston / Rotterdam with GPRS Coordinate, Fresh SGS Q and Q report done in Houston / Rotterdam certifying the quantity and quality in Reservoir, Irrevocable Commitment Letter to Supplier, Authority to Sell, Unconditional DTA.
BUYER provides (5) days valid TSR for injection of the product from the reservoir into the BUYER' S leased tank. SELLER releases to the BUYER DTA in order to conduct a dip test in BUYER' S leased tank. BUYER proceeds with Dip test in his tank with SGS official and Receive Fresh SGS Report not less than 24 Hours alongside ASTC. (Authorization to Sell and Collect the product).SELLER Change title of the product in BUYER's name and BUYER pays for a total cost of product and seller pays commissions, via MT 103

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  • Country: PORTUGAL

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